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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Do This!

Updated: Oct 19

In my line of work, I've witnessed countless amounts of horror stories involving brave clients wanting to save money and paint themselves.

Now, while I can come up with 10 reasons doesn't mean you should listen to me but it does mean you should consider the outcome.

Let's start with the most obvious.

  1. Not Skilled Enough - if you don't have a steady hand and are not familiar with rolling a wall correctly. Please Don't Do It!

  2. Don't Have The Tools - unless you plan to start a painting business, then why buy the tools that are going to collect dust after the first time you use them?

  3. Lack The Patience - a most common phrase I hear is, " I can't stand painting because I lack patience". You can never rush a paint job!

  4. Don't Know The Correct Process - you may not know that you should never paint your walls before the ceiling. ( this is one of many don't do's)

  5. Knowledge of Products - some products are made to be used on specific surfaces, and some products don't work well unless they get a primer underneath to attach to.

  6. It's Dangerous - now you know your spouse will not like that you're 20' feet in the air

Let's Get Deeper

  1. Let Someone Spoil You - let the red carpet get rolled out, lift you up in a flamboyant chair, and carry you to a transformed space. Basically, you work too hard for everything else just enjoy this.

  2. Do You Know Colors and Their Intent - before you say, " I want red, purple, and green in this room" let's call out our consultant to help you. PLEASE LORD!

Let's Go Even Deeper

  1. Time To Change Your Mindset - you definitely can spend 10 hours or 10 days to paint yourself. But I guarantee you're much better at doing something else that will make your family happy, or make you some extra money.

  2. Gain Discipline and Build Trust With Others - the discipline part is you will have to create money-saving habits for your paint project if you hire it out, or even build your credit. Learn that all people/contractors are not bad, some even turn into lifelong friends, partners, or your "go-to guy". Create a new relationship!

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