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2022 Paint Color Trends

Homeowners do not only look for their home to bring comfort but also happiness which can be also achieved by choosing the right paint color. The right colors that surround us influence our emotions, happiness and uplift the mood of any space. As we enter the new year, it's time to look forward to the colors that will trend for 2022. It's the chance to remake our living spaces to become more calming, cozy, and dynamic as we continue to balance the work-from-home setup. Do you want to know the colors that will dominate this year? Check out these hues that you may want to incorporate into your new interior painting or home decorations. Whether you want to redecorate your kitchen, dining room, or bedroom you can take fresh inspiration from these colors. Applying new paint to your walls is an excellent way to give your interiors a fresh-faced transformation.

  • Very Peri by Pantone is described as a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone. This color displays a spritely, joyous attitude, and dynamic presence that encourages creativity and imaginative expression. It brings the feeling of fun to interiors and a hopeful attitude to any room or space.

  • Green hues are in such as sage green and emerald. Sage green is inspired by sage leaves which maintain its characteristic of freshness. It is a timeless color inspired by nature, this color can go well with different styles of decoration. Emerald is a very dark green having an elegant and deep tone, it creates a lot of character but still keeps harmony in the space. Green is a calming color that can be added to every room of the house. Green rooms create a feeling of positivity, it brings serenity to a room so it is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Yellow brings energy, confidence, and optimism to a room. Yellow gives a sense of positivity and happiness. This color is ideal to use in high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, and rooms that lack natural light. Though yellow is a bright and bold color, it won't overpower your home by choosing the right color combination and decorative pieces. To keep the yellow color from being overbearing we can make the painting halfway up the wall.

  • The shade of uplifting light blue offers a breath of fresh air and a soothing effect. It gives a reminder to be optimistic as we emerge from the pandemic. A space that reflects optimism and desire for a fresh new start is the top priority for the year ahead. Inspired by the skies around us and calm ocean waves, this color makes us feel revitalized to bring out creative ideas and make our visions turn into reality.

  • White is extremely popular for those looking for neutral walls. White walls are classic but never go out of style. The white paint looks best in the rooms having bright natural light. It can well on its own and goes well with any color scheme.

Choosing the right paint color has the power to completely transform space. Wondering how to pick the perfect paint color for your home? Rolling Shades color consultant can help you choose the best color based on your personal preference and your existing decorations.

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