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5 Must-ask Painting Questions To Your Painting Contractor

If you are interested in getting your home or office painted anytime soon and want to hire a painting contractor, you must ask specific questions beforehand. These questions help you know everything necessary there is to know about professional painting. These help to make your decision easier as well. A painting company offers you the benefit of an experienced crew, insurance and warranties they stand by. The following are the questions to ask before hiring a painting contractor.

1. Do you offer any warranties with this work?

You never wish something goes wrong, but a warranty and liability insurance is vital to care for the worst-case scenarios. Sometimes, the paint jobs don’t go as expected, even for the most reputable companies. Accidents happen and paint failure can occur. When a company’s work comes with a comprehensive warranty, you know that you won’t be liable if something goes wrong.

2. Can I see a list of references?

You want a contractor with a good, solid track record of success rather than a brand new company with an unproven reputation. It’s also preferable to find a company specializing in painting rather than a jack-of-all-trades company. Rolling Shades Painting has been in the industry for six years, so you know that we’re reliable and experienced.

3. What can I expect from your crew members?

If the painter works in a group, make sure you also ask him about the team working with him and their credentials. Only experienced and certified individuals enter your home or office to do the work. You want to be assured of the safety of your home and belongings. As the homeowner, you want to see professional painters work in your home while still providing excellent customer service.

4. What materials do you use?

Another critical question to ask before choosing a painting company is which paint brand they use. A great paint job is nothing without excellent paint, so make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of paint your contractor applies to your home. It reflects the kind of service you can expect.

5. How Much Prep Work and Cleanup Do You Do?

Preparation is the key to a professional painting job. It can fail if all the prep is not done correctly. Ask your painting contractor if his team will prepare the surfaces for painting or if you need to do it yourself. Painting crews should always be cautious of the furnishings, landscaping, or unique architecture on any worksite. It helps prevent accidental damage and makes the job easier, faster, and less expensive.

Would you like more painting tips? Visit the Rolling Shades Painting blog. For an estimate, visit the Rolling Shades Painting Company website or call 678-469-4550 to ask about seasonal specials!

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