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Benefits of White Color Exterior Paint

The color that you choose for your home exterior affects the temperature inside, it will either absorb or reflects heat making it cooler or hotter. Paint color is not the only factor when it comes to the temperature inside the home, it can also be influenced by different elements such as the type of materials of home exterior, the indoor heating, and cooling, the color of the roof, window size, and the amount of sunlight the home is having. Dark color paints absorb more heat making the house warmer while light color paints reflect more energy so there will be less effect on the inside temperature. Having white or light color exterior paint gives many advantages, this is the reason why many homes are painted in white not only for exterior but also for interior walls.

Here are the benefits of having a white color exterior home paint:

1. Fades slower than dark colors

Due to continuous exposure to sunlight, moisture, and wind all paint colors fade away over time however, this happens faster for dark color paints compared to light color paints as dark color absorbs more heat.

2. Increases home marketability

Repainting your home before selling is always a good idea. White color paint is trendy and it complements any style of home. It gives a fresh and clean look so it is easier to sell. It gives potential buyers an opportunity to decorate the home the way they want it.

3. Goes well with other paint colors

White color paint is easy to pair with other paint colors that you want to use to heighten the home's curb appeal. White combines with everything, especially with blue, red, and black.

4. Good for the environment

Since the white color reflects the heat of the sun, your home will be cooler inside. You do not have to use or use lesser electricity, it will not only benefit the environment but you will also save money. Solar reflective paint coatings are also available in the market. This kind of paint extends the life of the roof by reflecting the sunlight away from the surface, therefore, lessening the heat transfer to the house. It can reduce energy costs and improve the roof's aesthetic.

5. Timeless look

White paint never goes out style. You can never go wrong with a fresh coat of crisp white paint.

6. Cooler than dark colors

The sunlight hitting the white surface is deflected. Having exterior white color means it is cooler compared to a house with dark color exterior paint.

7. Home features will stand out

Having white or light color paint on the entire main part of the exterior and having a neutral dark color of the door, window, and trims will highlight the unique features of a home and give a uniform, fresh and clean appearance without looking too busy.

Whether interior or exterior, the most popular choice of homeowners is white paint color due to its versatility and elegance. White color gives a clean and fresh aesthetic while highlighting the exterior home features without overdoing it. Ready to give your home a bright makeover? Call Rolling Shades Painting to schedule your free estimate today!

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