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Choosing the Right Color for Ceiling: Pro Tips

What color should your ceiling be painted? A lot of times the ceiling is not given much attention, unlike the walls. Painting the ceiling can give a totally new feel and overall dimension to a room. There are a lot of considerations in choosing the appropriate paint color for your ceilings such as your personal taste, the height of the ceiling, wall colors, color of decorative pieces, trim work, room size, and lighting.

White is the most common choice when selecting a color for the ceiling because it reflects the light which helps illuminates the room. Painting your ceiling white lets you change the wall color anytime you wish without necessarily changing the ceiling color. Ceilings with lighter tones feel higher while darker hues will make the ceiling feel lower. Consider the strength and source of light the room gets most of the time you are using it.

Although white is the safest option for ceiling color, there are a lot of choices that can work for your fifth wall. Decorative ceilings are ideal to add color because they will further accentuate the architectural detail and be the focal point in a room such as a fireplace, headboard, or any other furniture or design element you want to highlight. Consider other paint colors for the ceiling if you want to create an intimate, moody, or cozy feel in the room.

Choose the same light colors for both ceiling and walls to make a small room feel bigger such as bathrooms. If you want a big room to feel intimate and cozy opt for darker color with warm undertones This helps absorb light and make the room feel smaller, it is recommended to have a much darker color if the room receives a lot of natural light otherwise choose a warm and bright color if the room is not getting so much natural light.


Before choosing the color for the kitchen ceiling, consider the shade that best works with the other accents in the room. Lighting is another essential consideration. A good color choice that makes the kitchen feel light and airy is light blue. If the kitchen is big and has a high ceiling, you can opt for a more bold color such as navy blue or dark gray.


If your goal is to create an intimate and cozy mood, choose darker hues. It will make the room cozier and feel the ceiling lower. Though the white ceiling is the standard color for many homes, experimenting with other colors isn't a bad idea after all.

Living Room

It is the main or heart of any home. The ceiling color depends on the style of the living room, for large space avoid too bright colors and choose. Light pastel colors such as light blue, light grey, white, and beige are safe to color choices because it maintains a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

A flat or matte sheen is the best for ceilings. Stick to a flat paint sheen if you want to cover up a lot of imperfections. Smooth ceilings have a tendency to have waves of ripples, flat finish can help minimize those kinds of imperfections. A satin or eggshell finish gives a reflective sheen which helps brighten the space if you are using a dark color. The flatter the finish the less likely your eye can notice the blemishes in the ceiling.

The kind of primer to use in the ceiling depends if there are water or nicotine stains and what color you decided to paint. Use oil or shellac-based primers for stained ceilings apply gray-shades primer if you intend to paint with dark colors such as blue or black.

Choose a ceiling color that represents your personality, make it your own! Whatever color you picked, make it the color that your whole family will enjoy! Considering painting your ceiling? Consult Rolling Shades, our team of experts can help you find the best color for every room in your home!

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