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Drywall Repair Services

Want to achieve impeccable results for drywall repairs?

Rolling Shades will be at your service when it comes to drywall repairs. Our extensive experience in dealing with drywall problems will restore its great look and we can make repairs long-lasting to your wall interiors no matter how small or big the damage is. We offer a wide variety of drywall services based on your requirement.

  • Drywall Holes Repair - We will ensure that your peeling, broken, or cracked wall will be repaired and make it look brand new.

  • Water Damage Repair - We can restore the beauty of your wall no matter how it was damaged by water leakage.

  • Ceiling Repair - Our team with the right skills and tools will repair your cracked or bubbling ceiling in no time.

  • Drywall Finishing - Problems with rough drywall? Our professional team will get it finished quickly.

  • Drywall Installation - Get flawless results from our drywall installer experts whether you want to have a new wall, partition, or closet.

Simple Ways to Fix Damaged Drywall

Drywalls can be damaged due to nail popping, furniture scuffs, loose joint tape, wear and tear, damage caused by vermin and moisture, among others. Fixing damaged drywall whether the hole is big or small is easier than you might think, in this article, we will give you simple steps on how you can fix damaged drywall.

  1. For small holes, use a putty knife to fill in the hole with mud, make sure that it is really back-filled so it is strong when it dries.

  2. For bigger holes, clean up the edges of the hole and put a large mesh adhesive patch. Make sure that it is nice and smooth and there are no creases or wrinkles with the patch. Fill in and push a lot of mud into the area that has the hole in it as we want to get a lot of mud in the back of the wall to rebuild the drywall behind. Once it is filled in, we can cover up the whole patch itself to make the surface nice and clean.

  3. After the mud totally dried up, sand it to smoothen the surface.

  4. Apply the second coat which is a skim coating by using a bigger putty knife and make sure that the area is thoroughly covered. Our goal here is to achieve a smooth finish.

  5. Use the feathering technique by applying stronger pressure in the outside of the patch area than the inside to produce a smooth and gradual transition from the old wall to a new patch.

  6. Cover the area by applying texture spray, then use a 10 or 12-inch knife and pull it evenly to make it as smooth as possible because this will be the final coat.

  7. Sand the mud compound until it is leveled surrounding the drywall, once dried, sanded, and smoothened, apply paint to the drywall.

Cost of Repairing Damaged Drywall

  • Small holes

It can cost around $50 to $75 to fix a small hole in the drywall.

  • Large holes

The approximate cost of repairing bigger holes is $50 to $75 per square foot.

  • Drywall Ceilings

The estimated cost to repair a drywall ceiling is between $320 to $1300. It is recommended to seek professional help to repair damaged drywall ceiling as it requires physical strength and special tools.

  • Water damage

The cost of repairing drywall due to water damage may incur additional cost such as the cost of plumber due to water leakage may range from $1710 to $450 or if mold spores need to be removed will cost around $2300. You can expect these costs in addition to the hourly rate of damage repair of $60 to $90 plus the materials cost.

  • Repair of the Whole Wall

Replacing or repairing the whole wall can cost $40 to $60 per hour by eight-foot sheet installed drywall including labor and materials.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Contractor

  • Cleanliness and Quality of Work

  • Completion time is faster

  • Insurance Cover

  • Right Tools and Equipment

  • Deep Knowledge in Fixing the Damage

Rolling Shades will handle your drywall repair needs, once we have completed the repairs of your wall, we will clean the surface and make it look like nothing happened! Call Rolling Shades today and book your free estimate now! Enjoy a 15% discount for returning customers.

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