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Excellent Interior Painting Services

Rolling Shades offers extraordinary interior painting services in Hampton, we are your trusted partner to completely transform the look and ambiance of your home into a relaxing environment. Interior painting is an important improvement project whether for your home or office to make your space feel fresh and new. It adds value and personality to your home. Whatever your objective is, our team of professionals with exceptional painting skills is here to give you the best quality interior paint services.

Our company offers the following

painting services:

  • Interior Decorative Painting

  • Exterior Painting

  • Wall Paper and Wall Paper Removal

  • Walls and Ceiling Painting

  • Color Consulting

  • Skim Coating

  • Wood Work and fine enamel finishes

  • Cabinet Painting

  • And much more

Benefits of Interior Painting

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home interior is a clever idea to make your space feel fresh and new again without undergoing a full renovation. By hiring a professional Rolling Shades painter, we will help you every step of the way with your next home improvement project. Painting your interiors can provide you with the following advantages:

  • Clean and Protect Your Walls - If your walls were neglected for a long time, it might surprise you how much dirt and grimes it accumulated over time. We at Rolling Shades will clean and prepare your wall thoroughly before a new paint will be applied. This new paint will protect your walls from moisture and dirt which will help you avoid doing big home repairs in the future.

  • Raise Your Home Value - If you are planning to sell your home, interior painting is a good investment to increase the overall value of your home. Potential buyers can perceive that your home is well-taken care of when they see the quality interior paints.

  • Improves Air Quality - Using high-quality paints and finishes will ensure that the air quality of your home is not in danger and a healthy environment is maintained inside your home.

Best Color for Interior Walls

We at Rolling Shades will provide you expert advice on selecting the best colors that suit your liking. We know that deciding the colors to paint your walls requires a lot of thought so we are here to make your life easier. We will guide you in choosing the right color blend that will result in a perfect finish. To give you an idea, here are some of the interior paint colors that never go out of style:

  • White is a very elegant, clean looking, classic, and fresh color

  • Yellow is a cheerful and sunny color that brightens up any space

  • Green creates a soothing effect and reminds of nature

  • Gray can transform any room into a tranquil and relaxing environment

Rolling Shades Before and After Projects

To know more about our works, we take pride in sharing the below photos of our interior painting projects that we have done.

Cost of Interior Painting

The following factors need to be considered that will affect the pricing of an interior painting project:

  1. Size of the wall or area to be painted

  2. Location of home

  3. Required prep work

  4. Preferred paint colors

To issue the correct estimate, the estimator needs to get a lot of details such as the quantity of all sections to be painted and measure each section. Accurate price estimation is based on the estimating skills and knowledge of the estimator. On average, homeowners in the US spend $3 to $3.75 per sqft on professional painting labor and supplies however the cost might rise based on the job complexity and the quality of paints to be used.

Reasons for Hiring A Professional Painter

Although many people are capable of setting up a DIY interior painting project for their home,

hiring a professional painter from Rolling Shades will give you a lot of benefits.

  • Superior Quality of Work

Professional painters have broad experience in their craft, they know how to ensure that the jobs are done with quality and attention in every detail. They have the knowledge, technical skills, and tools required especially when dealing with problems.

  • Efficient Time Management

Due to the expertise of their work, professional painters can handle painting which is a very time-consuming work. Hiring professional painters will not only save your time doing the work, but it will also reduce the time your home is being disrupted since they work faster and efficiently.

  • Reduced Damage at Home

Good painters know the furniture to be moved and all the necessary work preparations before painting. If you accidentally spilled the paints it will damage your home. These are the factors that our professional painters are taking into consideration so any damage to your home can be avoided.

If you want a long-lasting interior paint job, please contact Rolling Shades today to schedule a free estimate. We will work on your budget and deliver on the agreed deadline!

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