• Jalal Lewis

Getting Your Home Exterior Ready For Fall

Summer is still here but it's also the right time to assess your home for areas of vulnerability and make the exterior ready for the upcoming changes in the weather. High temperatures can have different repercussions on the home's exterior paint and finishes.

Direct sunlight can cause the paint to fade and if some areas are shaded, the uneven color will be detectable in some parts. As the climate gets cold bringing into the fall or winter season, the changes in weather carry dry and cold wind with snow or may also iclude ice. If the exterior paint did not cure properly, it is most likely at risk and susceptible to changes in climate. The paint may flake or chip due to cold wind or ice, the moisture the wind brings can damage the surface. This area can become stained or discolored due to water damage. include

Get your home ready for the arrival of the fall season with the following maintenance tips:

1. Inspect your home exterior paint. If you find any chips, cracks, flaking, bubbles, or rotting wood, make the touch-up immediately so the damage will not worsen.

2. Drafty windows should be caulked or apply waterproof sealant. If the leak is not sealed immediately, cold air can come inside your home making it hard for your heating system to efficiently warm your home.

3. Remove the accumulated leaves in your gutters. When leaves and other debris build up and are left for too long, it can cause damage to your roof and home structure. They stop the gutters to safely move water from ice and snow melting on your roof to the ground.

4. Clear away dirt, moss, mold, and debris by pressure washing your exterior. Before things start to freeze, pressure washing is the best way to clean up before the winter snows arrive. A clean exterior improves curb appeal and helps preserve your investment.

Regular maintenance throughout the year will keep the paint lasts longer, it will also keep your home looking clean and beautiful!

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