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Got Kids? Satin Finish Is Best For You

Choosing the right color paint for your home is not the only way to add character to your room but also the finishes because the color will completely differ based on the chosen finish.

A satin finish reflects more light than a matte, It is ideal for high traffic areas. The satin finish is more light-reflecting than eggshell without appearing shiny like semi-gloss. This finish is recommended for children's rooms because it is easier to clean off handprints and everyday clutters. It also works best in playrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms as well as on trim and molding.

Advantages of Satin Finish

  1. A high degree of washability.

  2. Ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms and small rooms

  3. It reflects more light than a matte finish.

  4. It makes vibrant paint colors more lively

  5. It accentuates the appeal of its own color.

  6. Its shine makes the room stylish

Though the satin finish is more durable than matte and eggshell because of a slightly higher gloss, the paint application should be considered as it does not hide imperfections and it is more difficult to apply. Satin finishes have a level of luster, it has more of a glow than shine. Due to its durability, many people pick a satin finish for kitchens, kids' rooms, bathrooms, and trims. The luster of a satin finish will highlight the imperfections in the wall so make sure that the surface of your walls is smooth and free from dents or flaws.

Best Paint Colors for Kids Bedroom

Colors create an impact on our kid's moods, behavior, and emotions, it can energize and calm them. Choosing the perfect color for your kid's bedroom is a bit difficult task because you want the color that they can grow into and you do not have to repaint the walls every time. Here are recommended paint colors that can create calmness and a serene environment for your child.

  • Green - It promotes happiness, harmony, balance, and calming effect.

Green Color Kids Bedroom
GREEN Color Kid's Bedroom
  • Pink - It stimulates calmness and a sense of comfort.

PINK Color Kid's Bedroom
PINK Color Kid's Bedroom
  • Blue - This color possesses a soothing and calming effect, it also improves productivity.

  • Yellow - Bright hues promote happiness, positivity and help for better concentration.

  • Grey - It enhances creativity and gives a sense of dependability.

Children are very emotional so the colors of their surroundings influence how they behave. Rolling Shades is here to guide you and give you expert advice in choosing the perfect colors for your children's bedroom.

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