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How To Choose The Right Paint for Bathrooms

When you are planning to paint your bathroom, the most important factor to take into consideration is the presence of humidity and moisture. The steam from hot showers and water splashes can lead to moisture on the walls. One of the most common problems in bathrooms is mildew growth so the type of paint to pick should withstand these conditions. Here are some tips on choosing the right paint to make sure your bathroom walls stay durable for a long time.

Choose a high-gloss, semi-gloss, or satin paint finish.

Opt for the paint that contains mildew-resistant additive. Paints having a glossy finish are moisture-resistant once cured, it forms a hard coat that prevents the wall from absorbing the water. Semi-gloss paint contains more resin and binders that will repel moisture, it will also stand for washing and scrubbing. The shinier the finish the more imperfections can be visible in the wall so it is very important to have proper prep work to achieve your desired finish.

Use a moisture-resistant primer to avoid peeling.

When the is absorbed between the wall and the layer of paint, it will result in peeling paint. To prevent this from happening, apply a moisture-resistant primer to the walls or ceiling before putting the mildew-resistant paint. This will save you from the hassle of having touch-ups frequently.

Choose rust-resistant paints if you are painting the bathroom fixtures and hardware.

You can get more protection by applying paints with metallic finishes and to make it last use lacquer top-coat.

Choose a washable water-based latex paint.

This kind of paint doesn't allow water to seep into the walls allowing you to clean the stains and residue. Choose latex paints that dry quickly and are easier to use.

As for picking the color, if the bathroom has windows you can choose a bit darker color because there is the natural light that comes in however for bathrooms that do not have windows it is recommended to stick to lighter colors to make the space looks bigger. The color of the floor, wall tiles, vanity, and other accent pieces should also be considered in choosing the right color.

The location of the bathroom has to be considered as well in choosing the color, if the bathroom is ensuite, the room color should be a reference in choosing the bathroom color.

If you find it difficult to pick a color, check for color swatches from the paint store. Small cans of paint samples are also available to buy, try to put these on your walls and check the color at different times of the day. Colors can look different during the day and the night specifically if your bathroom has natural light.

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