• Jalal Lewis

How To Paint A Metal Storefront in Cold Weather

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  1. Sand the metal door with 400 grit ultra-fine sandpaper, then remove the dust off by wiping the surface with a dry cloth

  2. Degrease the whole surface with goof off degreaser

  3. Put plastic all over the storefront and tape off and mask off all the edges including the letterings and anything that is not needed to be sprayed

  4. Repeat the same process above for the inside of the metal door

  5. As the weather is cold, use the heat gun to heat up the surface before applying the paint. The temperature of the surface shouldn't be lower than 40 to 45 degrees so the paint can start drying into the surface.

  6. Once the first coat of paint is finished start heating it up the surface again.

  7. To have an ultra-fine and factory finish, use a sprayer to apply the second coat of paint.

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