• Jalal Lewis

How to Paint A Newly Constructed Home

Updated: May 12

Do you want to know the proper and efficient way of painting a newly constructed home? Check out our new video below and learn from the professionals.

Following these step-by-step processes is the key to achieve the best result.

1. Prime all surfaces with a sprayer, use a 313 spray tip to prevent overspray and it will not use a lot of paint.

Tip: Cleanout the gun filter of a sprayer to avoid having fishtails and uneven spray pattern

2. After priming, sand all surfaces, walls, trim, and ceilings before painting. Sanding is very important to give a smooth and luxurious finish. Using an electric sander will make the job faster.

3. Spray and backroll ceilings.

4. Spray all trim around doors/windows.

5. Apply the first and second coats to the walls.

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