• Jalal Lewis

How to Paint A Wall Professionally

Do you want to know the perfect techniques for painting the walls professionally? Check out our latest video to learn the important steps to achieve a luxury and even surface after painting.

After the room has been prepped, you can now start to paint the wall. If you haven't watched our video about prepping the home interior, you might want to check out this link. Follow the below steps to achieve the best result:

  • Sand the wall first to remove all the imperfections out of the wall and to scratch up the surface in order for the paint to stick to the wall.

  • Cut and roll the wall. You have to cut the wall first because once you roll into your wall you need to roll on that cut while it is wet.

  • Let the first coat dry and sand it again.

  • Apply the second coat. After finishing the cutting, another person rolls the wall. It allows the cut to stay wet while rolling into the wall. This allows the entire wall to dry in an even and luxurious finish.

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