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Maintenance Tips For Your Exterior Paint Job

An exterior paint job normally lasts for 5-10 years however its durability depends on several factors. The preparation of the surface is a key element when it comes to exterior paint as it determines the longevity of the paint job. Painting a poorly prepped surface will only result in a poor-quality finish. Weather condition also plays a major role, if your home is exposed to direct sunlight, it causes fading of paint over time as sunlight contains UV rays that react to paint pigments slowly bleaching it out. Bright or dark-colored paints are most likely susceptible to fading after long-term exposure to the sun. Using high-quality products can also affect the durability of your exterior paint making the paint last longer.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain an exterior paint job:

Exterior Paint maintenance is important so your home will still look great over the years though it's been quite a while since your last paint job. Performing yearly paint preservation will extend the life of your exterior paint thus saving you money and time for repainting again. Practice the following maintenance tips so your paint job can last.

Check for cracking and peeling

It is recommended to check the condition of exterior paint to know the problem early thus minimizing bigger paint troubles. Repair any cracking and peeling paint immediately.

Managing chalking and dirt

Paint discoloration is caused by accumulated dirt, it can be fertile ground and a source of food for mildew. Color fading is a result of chalky pigment that comes out of the paint. Scrubbing or power washing can remove both chalk and dirt.

House Washing

Washing your home keeps the paint from deterioration and washes away dirt, air pollutants, mildew, bird droppings, etc. This will extend the life of paint and your home will look fresher.

Touch Up Paint

It is recommended to do touch-up painting on your home exterior every year or two. Some parts of your home might be exposed to more sunlight or wind so some parts will need repainting more than others.

Checking of Gutters and Downspouts

If the gutters and downspouts are not functioning well, water can overflow into different parts of the home exterior, this will damage the exterior paint and the surface beneath.

Wood Sealing

Waterproofing must be restored every year for wood that is not painted either sealed or just stained.

Routine Inspection

Inspect your home exterior paint at least twice a year to see if problems are building up, fixing the problem at an earlier stage avoid the damage to advance.

Through the above helpful tips, your home exterior can be protected and the paint will last longer. Addressing the paint problem in a timely manner can save your money from costly repairs. If you notice any problem with your exterior paint, do not delay the necessary maintenance.

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