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Paint or Stain - What Is The Difference

Paint is often used for home projects such as interior walls, exterior walls, shutters, doors, trims, baseboards, etc. while stain is used for woodworks but there are also options available for concrete. One of the big differences between the two is that paint coats on top of the surface and covers it while stain penetrates into the wood. The purpose of staining is to enhance the look and grain of the wood. Both stain and paint come in oil and acrylic-based varieties.

When staining, you do not change the color of the surface it physically enhance the natural color of the wood. Both stains and paints are composed of pigments and vehicles for those pigments. The chemical composition of the liquid vehicle means that the modern paints and stains are very durable and can protect the surface well whether the material is wood or others. Stains and paints come in acrylic and oil varieties and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Paint generally comes with more colors than stain and costs more money with a variety of sheens and matte. Paint needs to be painted onto the surfaces that have been primed while stain does not need to. Paint takes time to apply and needs to take several coats of application compared to stain.

Stain is less expensive than paint it has fewer options and colors. Stain is normally used for wood however there are also varieties available for concrete. The application is easier as it does not need more than one coat. Stain can be painted directly to any surface, it does not need to be applied onto a primed surface and works with only one coat. The surface will be absorbed into the surface and it will not stay on top of the surface. The stain soaks into the wood grain creates a beautiful look and texture which brings out the natural pattern in the wood. Unlike paint, the stain does not peel however if the wood absorbs a lot of stains, make sure to have enough stain to fully cover the surface. Check out the below advantages of stain and paint.

If your goal is to cover raw wood surfaces or cover a concrete wall, the stain can give a rustic, warm, and natural finish. However, if you want to achieve a more dramatic and bolder look, then choose paint. Choosing between paint or stain to decorate your home depends on the suitability of the surfaces you need to cover and your personal taste. Contact Rolling Shades Painting, we are more than happy to help you in determining the option suitable for your home!

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