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Painting A Brick Fireplace

Fireplaces act as a focal point to bind the room decorations and style together creating a sense of comfort and warmth in a space. Though a fireplace is a permanent architecture in a room, you can update it on a budget in different ways such as adding a touch of paint, add a mantel, accessorize and consider putting design elements above the fireplace. As you are already familiar with the basic functions of fireplaces, it also offers the following benefits:

Benefits of Having a Fireplace

It gives cozy warmth and the glow of fire has a relaxing effect

The most important benefit of having a fireplace is that it provides cozy warmth and a cheery place to escape the cold weather. Gathering around with family and friends makes it more enjoyable.

Energy Efficiency

Since electricity cost is getting expensive, it is more efficient to warm your home using a wood-burning stove or fireplace than relying on power companies that utilize fuel fossils.

Enhances Interior Design

Fireplace enhances the feel of the room, creating a cozy or romantic ambiance. It also offers a unique and traditional focal point in a room.

Eco-Friendly Heating

Unlike fossil fuels, wood is a sustainable resource. Heating your home through wood-burning appliances does not leave a carbon footprint.

Natural Lighting

Instead of using traditional lighting such as lamps, burning woods will produce both light and heat.

Increases home value

If you are selling your home, you can get better offers if your home has a wood-burning fireplace due to its various functional and aesthetic benefits.

To help you in accomplishing a successful fireplace paint job we have gathered some tips and guides for you!

Choosing the Right Paint and Color

Consider the gloss when choosing the right paint for the bricks, choose a medium-sheen paint such as eggshell or semi-gloss for best results. There is a wide variety of color options for fireplace paint depending on your taste and the style you like. The few popular choices are black, grey, beige, white or whitewashed, and dark blue.

How to Paint A Brick Fireplace

A fresh coat of paint to your fireplace can make a huge difference and gives a room a stunning transformation.

1. Clean the brick

The first and very important step cleaning the surface of the brick. Ensure that it is free from accumulated dust or dirt before starting to paint. If the fireplace is really dirty, you can use heavy-duty cleaner and a wire brush. Once done, use a vacuum cleaner to pick the debris and dirt that fell down on the floor.

Materials Needed for Cleaning

1. Wire cleaning brush

2. Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

3. Vacuum cleaner

4. Sponge

2. Prime the brick

Once the brick has completely dried, the next step which is the most important in the entire process is priming. do not skim in applying the primer even if the fireplace wall has already been painted before as it can result in fading over time since fireplace bricks are prone to having moisture. Paint along with the mortar between the bricks by using a paintbrush. Apply an even coat of primer to the rest of the fireplace using a paint roller. For best results, it's recommended to apply two coats of primer as the brick is a porous material that absorbs the primer. Wait for the first coat to fully dried up before applying the second coat.

Paint the brick

Once the primer is completely dried, you can start the next step which is applying the paint. Follow the same procedure as applying the primer. Focus on the exterior part of the fireplace instead of the inside of the firebox.

Rolling Shades home painting experts are ready to help you in the updating the look of your fireplace! Contact us today for a free painting estimate!

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