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Painting in Summer Season: Pros and Cons

Considering a painting job this summer? There's no reason why you can't make it summer. Summer months are the perfect time to paint the house interior and exterior. However, painting requires strategy and knowing some tips and tricks to make your summer painting project a success. Read on this article to learn more!


Enjoy the following advantages for your summer painting job:

1. Direct sunlight makes the upper layer of paint dry faster. Multiple layers of application can be done on the same day.

2. The days during summer are longer, it allows you to work for longer hours to get your house painted so it means the painting job can be finished quickly.

3. Summer heat causes the paint to dry quickly so the paint smell disappears faster.

4. Rain ruins the paint job in progress, summer means less rain so there will be no interruption of the painting project.

5. It offers a lot of light so painters can easily check where the paint is too thick or needs a touch-up.

6. The chemical nature of acrylic or plastic enamels gets thinner during tropical days so the paint spreads better resulting in a superior quality finish.


Though there are a lot of advantages, painting during summer has also its downside.

1. As the upper layer dries quickly the layer underneath does not dry thoroughly, this will result in an uneven finish due to wrinkling of the paint.

2. Heat can cause the paint to cure improperly if the paint dries too quickly. Paint that was not properly cured can crack and chip.

3. When the paint dries immediately, it can make the different roller strokes look like different layers of paint because it does not dry at the same rates.

4. High-temperature bake paints. The very hot surface makes the paint difficult to adhere resulting in cracked, peeled, or blistered paint.

Painting Tips During Summer

Read the following best tips and hacks to help you with your summer painting project.

1. Start painting in the early morning, it will be cooler at this time of the day which will be easier to work. Monitor the temperature and the location of the sun, direct sunlight can cause the paint to dry unevenly.

2. Prepare the surfaces properly so your paint job will look better. Different types of sidings require different methods of preparation. Some surfaces are easier to prepare than others. Eventually, the effort you exerted during the prep will definitely pay off once you see the perfect finish.

3. Proper prep is not the only important factor during painting, you also need to use quality paint. This will avoid chipping and fading. Spending extra bucks on the right paint will save you a lot of money, the paint job will last for a long time.

4. Due to hot weather, paint loses so much water. Adding ice to the paint tray and keeping the paint out of direct sunlight can delay the evaporation process.

5. Consider the humidity as it affects the amount of time the paint takes to dry and cure, 50% humidity is ideal for outdoor painting.

You can still achieve a high-quality result and an even finish of your paint job even in the summer months by following the above tips! Keep an eye on the weather forecast especially when painting the house exterior.

Need to boost the curb appeal of your home with a fresh look? Do not hesitate to contact Rolling Shades professional painters, we can offer our services at any time of the year. We will ensure that your painting project is a success!

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