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Professional Cabinet Painting Service

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If you are residing in Hampton and you are planning to upgrade your cabinets, Rolling Shades can provide you with high-quality cabinet painting services that will save your money and ensure your cabinets stay durable and in good condition.

We specialize in stain, repainting, and refinishing for cabinets of all types and sizes. For years, Hampton residents have trusted us to transform the looks of their cabinetry, and we've never fallen short of delivering quality service.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Before selecting the color to paint your cabinet, you must consider the furniture and other colors in your kitchen such as the walls, countertop, backsplash, appliances, and the floor.

  • Grey. It is a very trendy color in the kitchen, it blends well with different fixtures and accent options. You can choose from a lot of grey shades to come up with the look that you desire.

  • White. For modern kitchens, white is still a favorite color. It is fresh, pristine, clean, simple yet attractive. It goes well with any other wall color or counter.

  • Cool Mint Green. It is versatile and goes with everything, It is serene and creates a tranquil feeling.

  • Blue. It gives your kitchen space a lot of depth and warmth.

  • Yellow. It is a vibrant color, it creates an energetic and happy atmosphere.

We use a range of quality paint products and finishes that bring out the luster of your cabinet and get them looking brand new. Rolling Shades painters will work quickly and efficiently to get your cabinet back up and ensure there's no major disruption of your daily home activities. The below actual before and after photos show the massive transformation of our valued client's kitchen cabinetry.


Tips and Tricks on How to Paint Cabinets

Painting your cabinet does not mean you have to spend a lot of money to make it look brand new, the following tips can help you to do your next DIY cabinet painting project.

Tools and Materials

  1. Sanding Block

  2. Fine-grit Sandpaper

  3. Paint Applicator

  4. Brush

  5. Putty Knife

  6. Primer Sealer

  7. Painter's tape

  8. Semigloss paint

  9. Steel Wool

  10. Tack Cloth

  11. Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)

Step By Step Guide

  • Protect your countertops/floors with drop cloths, paper, and/or plastic.

  • Remove the drawers, doors, and hardware

  • Repair holes, dents, or gouges.

  • Clean the surfaces to be repainted by scrubbing the cabinets to remove any grease or residue. Apply trisodium phosphate solution (4 parts water + 1 part

  • trisodium phosphate), rinse thoroughly, and let them dry.

  • Sand the doors, all sides, and faces of the cabinet.

  • Vacuum the sanding dust thoroughly from all the surfaces.

  • To ensure a well-bonded finish, apply an even coat primer-sealer using a good quality 3-inch brush.

  • Apply semi-gloss latex paint in a thin, light coat and ensure to cover all the surfaces. Let it dry for at least four hours then resand the surfaces lightly before applying the second coat.

  • Mark the placement of the hardware, pre-drill then insert the hardware screws.

Our professional team can give your cabinet a whole new look that'll leave you wondering why you ever thought of throwing it out, so what are you waiting for, schedule your free estimate with Rolling Shades to avail of our 10% same-day booking discount!

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