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Repaint Your Old Cabinets Instead of Getting New

Is painting an old cabinet more economical than buying? What if you are on a tight budget and unable to afford a new one? Well, painting your existing cabinet is not a bad idea at all. It is not only the easiest way to transform a dull cabinet, it can also make it look brand new without breaking a bank. The process is more simple than installing an all-new cabinet.

You may want to check out these before and after photos of our recently completed cabinet painting projects.


Kitchen Cabinet

Types of Cabinet Finish

There are many types of cabinet finish that you can choose from that fits best for your kitchen and interior design.

1. Stained Finish - To protect the cabinet from damage, change the color or enhance the grain, the stain is applied. Stain is water or thinner-based dye that allows for the grain of the wood to show through.

2. Painted Finish - To create a rich look, several coats of paint are applied to the cabinet. It is a popular cabinet finish as it hides all imperfections in the grain.

3. Glazed Finish - This finish highlights the different edges of the cabinet, it can also be applied to painted and stained finishes. The glaze material can either be applied by spraying onto the surface or by hand.

4. Laminated Finish - This is an artificial multi-layered material created by pressing thin layers of plastic resins and flat papers. It is the most commonly used finish for kitchen cabinets.

5. Natural Finish - A clear protective layer is applied to the wood to preserve its natural look and beauty. This kind of finish won't alter the wood's appearance and bring out the colors that naturally occur.

6. Lacquer Finish - A lacquer paint produced a durable finish, it is a clear coating applied to the cabinet surface. It is also chip-resistant, breathable, and waterproof.

Types of Paint for Cabinet

The durability of cabinets depends on the chosen paint finish. Scratching, chips are common problems for cabinet doors and drawers however this can be minimized if the right paint finish is applied.

  • Oil-Based Paint - Cabinet doesn't only look once when applied with oil-based paint, it makes them easier to clean and protects cabinet from damage. Though it takes a longer time to finish compared to latex paint, it stays durable over time with the right application.

  • Water-based (Latex) - This type of paint is easy to clean up, dries faster, and environment friendly.

  • Hybrid Enamels - It has a durable and glossy finish, it is water-resistant and washable. Hybrid enamels contain hard and scratch-resistant surfaces.

Make Your Painted Kitchen Cabinet Last

To guarantee that painted cabinets will last long, the following important elements must be considered:

  1. Preparation - This is the key to a successful cabinet painting project. The cabinets should be properly prepared (remove doors, drawers, and hardware, repaired, sanded, cleaned, primed) so the paint quality won't be compromised.

  2. Tools - Sprayed-on finish is the most recommended option for cabinets to achieve the smoothest transformation. Different cabinet finish requires different painting techniques, styles, and tools.

  3. Products - High-quality products are definitely worth the investment. You can see the benefits of its durability, color retention, and superior quality in the long run.

  4. Expertise - Painting a cabinet must be done by someone who has experienced and is well trained.

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