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Rolling Shades Business Processes

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Rolling Shades focuses on customer satisfaction, it is our job to make you happy with every brushstroke. We strive to provide the best possible service each step of the way. From estimation to the completion of the painting project, everything we do is geared towards meeting and exceeding your expectations.

We wanted you to feel the warmth of welcoming you into our company. From the moment you contacted us, we will make sure that you are well taken care of until the completion of your paint job. We strictly adhere to the following step-by-step process that every customer will go through during their entire journey with Rolling Shades. This is to ensure that you are being kept updated with every step that we take towards achieving your paint job goals.

1. We offer a free estimate, book your appointment and we will be at your doorstep to give you an accurate estimate. As we discuss the areas you require to be painted, we will also talk about the preparation works, materials, color, finish, applicators, and other important details. Enjoy a 10% discount when you book your job on the same day as your estimate.

2. Once you agreed with our estimate, we will send you an official invoice and we will require you to pay the 25% deposit as indicated in our paint contract. Along with the invoice, we will also send the estimated start dates of the project.

3. We will book your job schedule upon receiving your deposit, your start date, and the authorization to do the work on your home.

4. We will give you a phone call within two (2) weeks of reserving your schedule to discuss the colors and any other details that need to be arranged prior to our start date of work.

5. To make sure that you agree with the color selection, test patches will be done within 2-4 weeks before the project start date. We will also discuss if you need to obtain approval from HOA.

6. One (1) week before the start date we will keep you updated by calling you for any changes due to unexpected weather conditions and unforeseen delays in our schedule.

7. Within 1-3 days before starting the project, we will schedule a power wash and a pre-job walkthrough.

8. While the job is ongoing, we will give you our daily work schedule. Expect an update from us on a daily basis about the progress of the work and any other issues so they can be addressed immediately.

9. On the job completion phase, we will schedule a final walkthrough before we request your final payment. At the end of the job, we will request you to give us feedback about your painting journey by filling out a survey form. We would appreciate it if you can share your experience and recommend our company to your friends and family.

We at Rolling shades value customer happiness, we respond to our customers quickly, execute high-quality painting jobs in a timely manner and we promise consistency from the beginning to the end of your home painting project.

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