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The Importance of our Initial Phone Call

A positive first impression is an essential start to building a relationship with our customers. The purpose of the initial phone call is to start creating a connection, building rapport, and establish trust.

An initial phone call is critical in setting up an appointment for our customers. During this call we set clear expectations on how the appointment will go and what current promotions we have going on. The brief conversation also gets the customer adapted to our professional communication practices.

The initial phone call's focus is not only on the product or service but on the project ideas, color concepts, and desired job start dates. We want to understand the project we're dealing with in order to provide a customized estimate that fits their needs and wants.

Getting the customer to rave on about their painting project is the best thing for us because our main object is to LISTEN. From there we have plenty of recommendations on what they should do next. The initial phone call will continue to be ice breaker for our new customers.

Would you like to learn more about our processes? Visit the Rolling Shades Painting blog. For an estimate, visit the Rolling Shades Painting Company website or call 678-469-4550 to ask about seasonal specials!

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