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What Are The Benefits Of Painting Your Interior Home?

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Interior painting is the quickest and cost-effective home improvement plan. The most important spaces in our lives are inside our homes. Interior painting completely transforms the look and ambiance of your home and it is affordable especially if you do it yourself. Interior painting provides a protective coating that preserves the interior surface. It slows down the wear and tear process and protects your walls from the damaging effects of extreme weather. Below are the benefits of interior home painting:

  • Increase the Value of Your Home

Interior painting is a good investment to increase the overall value of your home, add appeal and marketability if you are considering selling your home. Potential buyers can perceive that your home is well-taken care of when they see the quality interior paints.

  • Clean and Prevent Damage to Your Home

If your walls were neglected for a long time, it might surprise you how much dirt and grimes it accumulated over time. We at Rolling Shades will clean and prepare your wall thoroughly before a new paint will be applied. This new paint will protect your walls from moisture and dirt which will help you avoid doing big home repairs in the future.

  • Improves Air Quality

Using high-quality paints and finishes will ensure that the air quality of your home is not in danger and a healthy environment is maintained inside your home.

  • Home's Interior Will Look Brand New

A properly done paint job can cover stains, marks, and dents in the wall, even an old home can look brand new. New paint can hide minor imperfections in your interior walls.

  • Easy Cleaning

Nowadays fully washable paints are available in the market, these paints are designed to be tough for easy cleaning without the risk of removing the paint when it is wiped too hard. This kind of paint is recommended for high traffic areas at home. Rolling Shades painting expert can help you choose the right kind of paints for each surface of your home.

  • Beautifies the Interior

The right color paint creates an ambiance and relaxing mood in your home. You can choose from a lot of possible options for your next interior painting especially if you consult Rolling Shades who can help you decide in choosing the perfect colors for your home.

How to paint the interior walls?

1. Remove everything from the room. To start with, remove all furniture from the room and properly cover it with plastic to avoid getting dust.

2. Cover floorings. Use plastic sheets and papers to cover the floors, carpet, and other areas to avoid paint splatters and spills in those areas. Check out our blog about preparing the house interior before painting for the detailed guide.

3. Remove light switches and covers.

4. Prepare the surface. Properly preparing the surface is the key to a successful painting job. Scrape, sand, patch, caulk, and fill holes, dents, and cracks and repair all wall imperfections.

5. Clean the walls. Clean the walls to remove the dust, dirt, and grease.

6. Put the tape in trim. Those areas that you do not want to have paint color such as trim, molding, doorknobs, window frames, and window frames should be protected by using painter's tape.

7. Priming the walls. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint on the surface. It also increases paint durability and provides protection to the wall.

  • Paint the Ceiling first to avoid paint splatters on walls and trim

  • Paint the trim first before the walls, let it dry, and put tape

  • Paint the walls up and down, and let them dry. Most walls need two coats of paint and some darker colors need three coats.

Choosing Interior Painting Colors

We at Rolling Shades will provide you expert advice on selecting the best colors that suit your taste. We know that deciding the colors to paint your walls requires a lot of thought so we are here to make your life easier. Below are some ideas on how to choose the right paint colors:

  • Focus on the colors that are attractive to you by looking at your home's existing furniture and decorations.

  • Choosing the type of finish is important which depends on the type of room or area.

  • The lighting in the room should also be considered because it greatly changes the paint color.

When Is The Time To Paint Interior Walls

If you notice the following problems in your walls, these are the signs you need to make an appointment with professional painters to avoid more damage to your walls.

  • Fading Paint

Dark and light color paints fade over time however dark paints fade faster. The areas which are exposed to the sun more often rapidly fade compared to walls in shaded areas.

  • Flaking

Extreme cold or hot weather, age of the paint, and wrong preparation of the surface before painting can cause the paints to crack. These cracks can be an entry point for pests that you definitely do not want to happen at your home.

  • Damaged Walls

Walls having missing paints, holes, cracks, stains, and chips need to be painted to make them appealing.

  • Molds and Stains

Mold is dangerous and creates a potential health risk. If you notice your walls are staining due to molds or any other reasons get a quick fix from Rolling Shades painters.

  • Peeling

Paint peeling is a result of a blistering in the wall which was not fixed from the beginning. As the paint creates bumps because due to insufficient adhesion, bits and strips started to come out. Another cause of peeling is the presence of excessive moisture and improper painting procedures.

  • Blistering

Blistering happens when bubbles form in the exterior decorative paint film. It is usually caused by moisture or heat or the combination of both.

If your walls are having any of the above problems, do not hesitate to book your estimate with any painting contractor. Keeping the damage for a longer time will cause severe damage to your walls. Rolling Shades professional painters will fix whatever damage to your wall and will make sure the same problem will not persist in the future.

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