• Jalal Lewis

Which Is Better: Paint vs. Wallpaper

Are you considering painting your walls or putting wallpaper? Both options give life and bring a pop of color to any walls, however which of the two is better? When you are planning to dress up your home, choosing between paint and wallpaper is a difficult decision. Paint has been the most favored form of designing the walls, however, improvements were also made with wallpaper so it is also getting the popularity.

There are so many factors to consider such as durability, cost, design, and ease of application. Here's a quick comparison to help you make a better decision.

Paint and wallpaper are both good décor choices so why choose one over the other if you can have them both? Boost the appeal of your kitchen or dining wall by decorating a combination of an accent wall with wallpaper and beautiful color paint!

Paint is a better option for rooms with high humidity levels because you can choose paints that are mold resistant and can stand with moisture however if you still prefer to put wallpaper such as in the bathroom, it is recommended to put tiled splash-back on top of the sink to avoid splashes. If you decided to wallpaper your whole bathroom, opt for wallpaper that is "splashproof". This type of wallpaper is specifically designed for areas with high humidity and it is also wipeable.

Both paint and wallpaper have their own ups and downs, choosing between the two depends on your requirements and the condition of the wall. They both provide elegance in the room however paints fit universally in any climate and room. Existing wallpapers can also be painted giving a refreshing look to your home.

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