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Why Spring is the Best Time to Paint Your Home?

When is the best time of the year to paint your house? Well, the perfect time to freshen up your exterior house paint is during the spring season, when the humidity is low and there will be less chance of getting moisture trapped in the surface of the wall. If the weather is very cold, your paint could stain or mildew will grow due to the moisture. If the weather is very hot, the paint can have a blistering or cracking effect because the paint tends to dry very quickly.

Advantages of Home Painting on Spring Season

1. Paint Longevity and Durability- During spring, it is comfortable for painters to do the job plus the temperature at this time is ideal to achieve the perfect finish for your exterior. The coldness and hotness of the weather greatly affect the longevity and performance of the paint applied to the walls. The latex in paints forms a more durable and protective finish which extends the quality and life of your exterior paint when the painting is done during the perfect weather condition.

2. Home Sale Season - The spring season is the busiest time for selling or renting homes. Getting a new interior or exterior paint job can increase your house appeal for potential buyers so the chances of getting your property sold are high.

3. Perfect Temperature - The climate is not too cold or not too hot, most paints recommend low humidity with 50 to 85 degrees temperature.

4. Competitive Price - The demand for painting jobs during spring increases so the estimate offered by painting companies are competitive. This is the best time to have your painting done by a professional company at a reasonable price.

Most Popular Home Paint Colors For Spring 2021

As warmer weather is here, you can renew the color of your home painting with the following vibrant hues.

1. Gray - Pantone chose Ultimate Gray as 2021 Color of the Year. It represents dependability and camaraderie which is timely during this pandemic. Along with illuminating, these shades bring hope, stability, and unity. Gray is a neutral color that goes well with many other colors.

2. Yellow - This is a versatile color to add brightness in areas like the kitchen or children's playroom. This goes well with brown or white furniture.

3. Sage Green - This beautiful color brings peace and is a calming vibe to the surroundings. Sage green blends well with purples, golds, and taupes.

4. White - It is a fresh color and ideal for kitchen cabinets, ceiling, walls, and trim. It is a perfect color that adds freshness and it showcases a neat-looking kitchen.

5. Blue - Blue color gives a soothing and serene mood. It is the most popular color as it symbolizes heaven and the sky. The blue color is ideal for bedrooms because of its calming effect.

This spring there are a lot of different paint color options to create the perfect look for your home so if you still cannot decide, consult Rolling Shades and we will give you the best recommendations. Allow us to do the work so you can achieve the best results!

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